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Why not reduce or even eliminate your energy bills? Now is the time to think about using sunshine to power your home. When you generate your own power using solar panels on your home, the benefits may include:

  • You create clean energy for your own needs
  • You are eligible for incentives such as tax breaks, rebates, and discounts, depending on regulations where you live.
  • You are not as dependent on utility companies.

Start now by making a commitment to use clean energy. We selected the solar panels below because they are top quality and are Made in America.

GigaWatt Inc Solar Panels

What do homeowners look for in solar kits made for home installation? Pricing, reliability, and performance. GigaWatt Inc. has all three plus they are an American company that creates local jobs as homeowners join them to create a cleaner, greener world. Power your life with sunshine!

GigaWatt 255W Solar Panel – 60 Cell Poly Black Frame

For American homes, this photovoltaic panel may offer the best value for the following reasons:

  • An additional positive power tolerance of up to 5W is guaranteed.
  • Potential Induced Degradation (PID) module power loss is less than 5% (under IEC 62804).
  • Design includes hot-spot protection against localized heating caused by cracked or mismatched cells, interconnection failures, or partial shadowing.
  • Withstands heavy snow pressure up to 112 pounds/square foot.
  • The efficiencies of the high-quality cells exceed 18.3%.
  • Anti-reflective glass lead to maximum output because more photons enter the solar cell.
  • In terms of corrosion resistance, the panel passed Severity 6 under IEC 61701, the most severe test condition.

Please note: Although a panel may be rated at “255 Watts”, that does not necessarily mean it will actually put out 255 Watts under real world conditions. The output of these GigaWatt solar panels exceeds that of other 255 Watt panels from other leading manufacturers. A pallet of 26 solar panels provides 6,630 Watts of power.

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Suniva Solar Panels

Suniva continues as the leader in the global PV (photovoltaic) market. Known for their high-quality and efficient solar products, they are also cost competitive. A leading American manufacturer of high-efficiency PV solar cells and modules, Suniva prides itself on setting the global standard in the PV marketplace in terms of quality and reliability.

Suniva has led the industry in high-performance, affordable cells since 1908.They treat their customers with the highest level of care. Join them in their goal to increase the practical adoption of PV solar energy worldwide.

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SolarWorld Panels

As the largest solar manufacturer on U.S. soil, SolarWorld is an American solar success story. Other companies may reduce costs by manufacturing overseas, but SolarWorld prides itself on manufacturing on U.S. soil—everything from sourcing and manufacturing to assembling and hiring.

SolarWorld is 100% dedicated to the business of solar energy. This means that it combines all stages of the photovoltaic process–from the raw material silicon to turn-key solar power plants. This total ownership allows SolarWorld to uphold high quality and standards throughout the entire process.

Headquartered in the U.S. in Hillsboro, Oregon, Solar World operates the equivalent of four production plants on a 103-acre campus. Production from that site supplies demand in the United States, Canada, and Latin America.

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Solar Panels Save You Money

Solar Security Lights

With the season turning, the days are getting shorter and darker. has the answer to the those dark Fall nights. Solar Security Lights! has other solar powered lights you can put in the garden, use for walkways or even to showcase special areas!

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